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paiiz logo newPAIiIZ has finished the first half of the year in investments. During this period, the Agency has completed 20 investment projects worth € 1589.44m in total.

They all can deliver 5,085 new jobs into the Polish market.

Currently, PAIiIZ supports 156 FDI projects that are worth € 2984.45m in total and can bring 32,466 new jobs to Poland.

The US with 42 FDI projects, has maintained the position of investment leader in Poland. The total value of all American investments have reached € 587,65m and can let to the creation of 6,555 new jobs. German investors with 29 investment projects worth € 464.65m that in the future can bring 7010 new jobs, are the second on the list. The next are investors form Great Britain. The UK provids 10 FDI projects in Poland worth € 8,55m and a chance to create 1,425 new jobs.  PAIiIZ also supports 9 investment projects from France and Japan - each.

BPO dominates in terms of the most popular sector among foreign investors operating in Poland (33 projects worth € 23,75m; 8834 new jobs). The leader is followed by:  automotive (31  projects worth € 1351,25m; 8,867 new jobs); R&D (11 projects worth  €19,5m, 1,086 new jobs);  aviation (9 projects) as well as electronic and wood sectors ( 8 projects each).