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EVOTEC is a Polish family business, manufacturing professional tailormade protective covers for industrial robots and machines working in harmful conditions.

The mission of EVOTEC is to protect industrial robots and machines, ensuring they can work long without malfunctions.

The covers are individually designed and used in production plants all over the world. EVOTEC covers help reduce the spending on machine servicing and repairs. They also help improve production efficiency by enabling users to achieve the full potential of robotization.

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Service and production offer

Covers protect industrial robots during work in very difficult conditions, with harmful factors such as: hot metal splashes, large amounts of dust in the air, moisture, metal shavings, extremely high or low temperatures, oils and coolants or explosion risk zone. We have selected some product groups with common features. These categories are created basing on hundreds of finished projects, from which we have picked the most often sought traits and properties of protective covers for industrial robots and machines. Designing protective covers for each of these lines, we have taken into consideration the specifics of the industry and conditions in which the products would be working:

I. EVO_blast
Covers protecting from the negative effects of dust accumulating on the robot and getting inside its moving parts, as well as ricochet of the abrasive substance.

The purpose of the EVO_blast covers is to ensure failure-free operation of robots even in demanding processes such as shot blasting, shot peening or sandblasting.

The ricochet of abrasive and dust present in the air degrade the surface of the robot and get inside its moving elements, e.g. gears. This causes increased friction and consequently - permanent damage that can be quite expensive to fix.

EVO_blast covers are made of highly durable fabric, resistant to abrasion. This means they are great at protecting robots from the harmful effects of abrasive ricochet and high amounts of dust.

II. EVO_coat
Protective covers for robots working with coating, painting and spraying.

EVO_coat covers protect industrial robots and machines in processes such as coating, powder painting, water-based and solvent-based varnishing, or in processes involving chemicals such as resins, gelcoats or PU foam.

EVO_coat covers are made of light fabrics, with a special chemical-resistant coating with dustproof properties.

III. EVO_dust
Protective covers for robots working in processes with high amounts of dust and
sharp particles, e.g. metal shavings, and/or splashes of oils and coolants.

EVO_dust covers protect robots and machines from dust accumulating on their surface. They also prevent sharp shavings, filings or other contaminants from getting inside gearsand other moving parts. This helps extend the lifetime of the machines. The covers also protect from moisture and splashes of liquids.

EVO_dust covers are made of fabrics with waterproof and oleophobic properties. Covers from this line can be used in various industrial processes, e.g. machining (milling, grinding, deburring etc.), as well as in palletizing in highly dusty conditions.

IV. EVO_heat
Covers resistant to high temperature, hot solid particles or sparks.

EVO_heat protective covers can be used in foundries, metal melting facilities, as well as in welding and other processes involving very high temperature, such as heat treatment, hot forging and hardening.

The main purpose of the covers it to protect the robots from hot metal splashes and sparks and harmful effects of heat radiation.

EVO_heat covers protect also from dust present in some high temperature processes. The covers are made of fabrics resistant to high temperature, even up to 1000°C of momentary contact.

V. EVO_pure
Covers that help protect robots from chemical vapour, moisture and dust.

EVO_pure covers are mainly used in processes that require clean production environment, but also in conditions where the robots are exposed to chemical vapour or moisture. They are most common in industries such as food production and processing, medical, pharmaceutical and chemical.

EVO_pure protective covers help protect robots from dust and vapour of chemicals, but also liquid splashes and moisture. They protect not only the robot, but also its working environment, e.g. from oil leaks from robot gears.

VI. Individual covers
In production processes, it is often not just robots that require protection, but also other machines and industrial devices. We make custom covers also for other machines, their parts and subassemblies or moving elements.
We make covers for welding tongs, rotary grippers, cables and conduits, parts of coating stations and many others – depending on what our Clients need.

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