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P.H.U.P. KRAK-OLD Sp. z o.o.

P.H.U.P. KRAK-OLD Sp. z o.o.


KRAK-OLD is a professional and proven supplier of components for the automotive, lighting, electronics, telecommunications and household appliances industries. We provide high quality of production and attractive prices. We specialize in shaping metals with the use of progressive and stationary tools as well as cutting foil, laminates and rubber.

Thanks to many years of experience and qualified staff, we can offer comprehensive project service from the selection of technology through the design and manufacture of instrumentation to mass production of components

Specific details

Machinery park

The machinery park ensures high quality of manufactured products and low production costs. Component production department - progressive lines with presses with pressure from 125T, 160T 200T, bench presses with pressure from 2.5T to 160T, MIG, MAG, TIG welding devices.

Tool production and service department - Agie - Charmilles EDM machines, Chiron 12Z machining center, milling machines, lathes, grinders

Service and production offer
  • Production of metal components
  • Production of electrical insulating and sealing components
  • Assembly of components (joining by welding, bolting, riveting, clamping methods)
  • Instruments and measuring stations dedicated to the assembly of components
  • Tool services (production, service)
  • Galvanization services (galvanizing, nickel plating, tin plating, anodizing, silver plating, brass plating)
  • Production of rollers for belt conveyors
  • Production of cardboard packaging
  • Manufacture of electronic components
  • Distribution of electrotechnical articles
Certifications ISO 9001
Street ul. Limanowskiego 48/7
City Kraków
Postcode 30-551
Landline +48 12 257 12 24
Province małopolskie