NOYEN Sp. z o.o.

NOYEN Sp. z o.o.


NOYEN is a trusted source of comprehensive industrial cleaning solutions. With our knowledge and over 20 years of experience, we change the way of thinking about cleaning. We implement modern solutions with the highest standards, which are the response to the needs of our clients and the market.

Specific details

Machinery park

We have our own machine park, and we offer services of machining, waterjet cutting and sheet metal bending on modern CNC machines.

Service and production offer

We create machines for cleaning and degreasing parts in production processes. We develop and implement innovations in the field of automation and integration of industrial lines. We also produce safe and effective cleaning and degreasing agents for industrial applications, applications of surface treatment before painting, anti-corrosion protection, passivation, phosphating and rust oxides removal. We provide professional support and care in managing the cleaning process. Laboratory tests carried out by our experts help to introduce and optimise cleaning processes and achieve an extraordinary technical cleanliness quality. We also provide tailored, and custom made services of cleaning, degreasing and industrial pickling, including contract cleaning according to technical cleanliness standards VDA 19 and ISO 16232.

Certifications ISO 9001
Street ul. Braci Krausse 6
City Lublin
Postcode 20-270
Landline +48 81 745 05 98
Province lubelskie