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Poli sp. z o.o.

Poli sp. z o.o.


Poli was set up in 1982. Since the beginning, Poli dealt with thermoforming of plastic. Its long production experience allows to mold even most requiring projects.

The whole process, from an idea to its execution, happens in Poli, thanks to which the actions are more efficient and projects are realized faster.

Each day a million of products leave the production lines in order to arrive at the customers’ doors in different parts of the world.

Cooperating with partners from numerous industries, Poli molds products with dimensions of 10 mm up to 2 m long. The massive elements produced by Poli are fully adjustable to the automotive, transport, agricultural, garden or building industries.

Specific details

Machinery park

Two plants are equipped with 17 production lines with the latest multi-station machines from Kiefel and Illig. In CNC department there are advanced cutting and milling machines operating in five axes, which allows for production of own tooling inhouse.

Poli is able to thermoform products with the size of few millimeters up to two meters long.

Service and production offer

Raw materials currently used by Poli are: PET, PS, PP, ABS, PVC, PMMA, HIPS, ASA, including their derivatives.

Examples of products which can be molded in Poli are as follows:

  • dashboards
  • steering wheel covers
  • inner door covers
  • masking strips
  • seat elements
  • mirror housings, indicators, clocks, lamps
  • engine covers
  • underbody covers
  • wheel arches, bumpers
  • transport trays

Thermoforming offers a full set of possibilities. Thanks to knowledge and long experience, Poli creates concepts of products from the scratch or realizes its customers’ visions. The solutions proposed to Poli’s customers meet specific technical requirements as a result of suitable software and advanced production technology.

Certifications ISO 14001, ISO 9001
Street ul. Wiejska 74
City Inowrocław
Postcode 88-100
Province kujawsko-pomorskie