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Sirit Poland Sp. z o.o.

Sirit Poland Sp. z o.o.


For over 20 years, SIRIT Poland has been operating in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe as the only official provider of Italian brand SIRIT, the manufacturer of air brake fittings and replacement parts. SIRIT products are covered by a safety guarantee and successfully used in lorries, buses, semi trailers and agricultural vehicles. In the beginning of operations, SIRIT Poland only sold air brake systems and provided assembly assistance.

SIRIT operates directly or through a network of distributors in many countries of Eastern and Central Europe. We provide fully secure elements of air brake systems for the manufacturers of lorries, trailers, buses as well as spare parts distributors in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

The product offer of SIRIT Poland includes:
- SIRIT air brake fittings:
recoverable fittings
instantanous fittings
cutting ring
- Tekalan hoses and coils of Castello Italia, Reflexallen and Unigasket
- Reflexallen vehicle marking and safety devices
- Electric components by Reflexallen
- air tanks by Frauenthal Automotive

Specific details

Service and production offer

SIRIT Poland provides products based on innovative services that make cooperation with partners more effective, economical and requires less resource and time commitment on the part of the client.

Additional services:

  • audit and technical consulting
  • warehouse management software based on the kanban methodology (free for each client)
  • installation and assembly
  • withdrawal of unused materials
  • personalized shipping

You can find a detailed description of the services at the link

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