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Adler Pelzer Group (“APG”) announces to have closed the process of acquisition of Faurecia Acoustics and Soft Trims (AST), after all clearances by relevant merger control authorities have been received.

Faurecia AST is operating in Europe, with industrial activities mainly carried out in plants located in France (Marckolsheim, Mornac, Mouzon, Saint-Quentin), Luxembourg (Eselborn), the United Kingdom (Washington), Spain (Olmedo), Poland (Legnica) and a R&D centre in France (Mouzon) with approx. 1800 employees and 270M€ sales in 2020.

With this acquisition, APG makes a further step towards its vision of becoming a worldwide leader in automotive acoustics, as an industrial investor with long term loyalty to automotive and proven track record of growth.

The acquisition will bring value to the interior market thanks to complementarity of customers, industrial and operational footprint
  • Improving intimacy to OEMs like Stellantis and Renault-Nissan alliance, thanks to the strong relationship capitalized by AST along years of cooperation and presence in France and UK;
  • Complementing the above by a strong presence in East Europe, with know-how and footprint created by the strong foothold with German OEMs in Germany and East Europe, as well as with Stellantis in Italy and USA;
  • Integrating in the APG worldwide R&D network an additional strong centre, the AST R&D centre of Mouzon, France. APG can this way dedicate a full matrix of Centre of Excellence by product family and local customer support;
  • Benefiting from combined innovative programs on new products and CO2 reduction, as well as opportunities on material supply and vertical integration.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome AST team and business to the Adler Pelzer family as a strong contributor to our acoustic competence” declared Pietro Lardini, CEO of Adler Pelzer Group.