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paiiz logo new1,486 - this is a number of new jobs that will be created in the nearest future by investors supported by PAIiIZ. This year, the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency has already completed 5 investment projects with a total value of €45.8m.

New investments come from the following sectors: aerospace, electronics, automotive, BPO and R&D.

The Agency is currently providing 162 investments worth € 3016.59m in total that can lead to the creation of 29,963 new jobs in the country.

In terms of country of origin, the US is the leader among investment. The total value of 50 American investments is € 988.61m (6,584 new jobs are planned by companies from US). The Agency currently runs 24 German investment projects (total value €334.35m; 4,153 new jobs will created by German investors). France is the third on the list of the countries with the biggest number of investments supported by PAIiIZ - 11 investments with a total value €234.7m; 2,409 new jobs). Following positions have been taken by investors from: Japan - 9 FDI projects, Italy - 8 projects, UK, India, China, South Korea and Poland - 6 each.

From the sectoral point of view, automotive sector is the most popular. The Agency runs 34 investment projects (worth € 653.25m; 6,670 new jobs), BPO - 32 projects (total value €28.85m, 9,210 new jobs) and R&D - 18 projects (worth €52.44m; 1,921 new jobs). Among others most popular sector there are: agri-food - 11 projects and aviation - 10 projects.