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We would like to announce that Automotive CEE Day, the largest purchasing meeting of the automotive industry in Poland, is returning in the form of a physical event. The 8th edition will be held in less than four months!

The purchasing meeting, organized by, is an excellent opportunity to meet representatives of automotive concerns and production and non-production suppliers at the same place and time. The 8th edition will be held on April 19 and 20, 2023, at the CWK Opole.

Automotive CEE Day is not only B2B talks but also an opportunity to participate in the exhibition (60 booths), which is an excellent opportunity to promote the cooperative services offered more widely and build brand awareness among the most important representatives of the automotive industry. "Your customers and contractors are here. You can't miss out!" emphasizes Malgorzata Zborowska-Stęplewska, Partner at, "We hope that the next edition will be the largest in terms of participants and B2B talks, as evidenced by the vast interest and number of registrations already."

There are as many possibilities as there are participants in the event. The first step is up to you - just register on the platform to participate actively in the April meeting in Opole. Establish new cooperation and business relationships!

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