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exide logo Exide Technologies has received the Volvo Cars Quality Excellence (VQE) award, which was presented on the 25th June at Exide’s factory in Poznan, Poland.

Exide manufactures original-equipment and aftermarket batteries at multiple factories across Europe, and just recently launched a next-generation Start-Stop AGM (absorbed glass mat) production line at its Poznan facility.

To meet VQE requirements, suppliers’ facilities have to achieve excellence in the following areas: systems, manufacturing processes and ongoing performance, as well as customer plant impact and customer endorsement. Exide has fulfilled the requirements in every category.  

As an original-equipment manufacturer, Exide works with many of the world’s leading automotive brands. It has invested millions into R&D and manufacturing, and has some of the most advanced tooling and machinery in the industry. The company makes best-in-class start-stop batteries, which include its Start-Stop AGM and Start-Stop EFB (enhanced flooded battery) products.
“The award gives a high degree of recognition for consistent, high quality performance,” said a Volvo Cars representative. “Successfully launching a next-generation battery in such a short time frame, and yet still achieving remarkable product quality, is very good.”

“We’re delighted to have won the award. Our team in Poznan is delivering exceptional results and it’s great to see them being recognised for their work,” said Michael Ostermann, President EMEA at Exide Technologies. “We supply Volvo Cars with our latest-generation Start-Stop EFB batteries. These offer significantly improved charge acceptance and cycle life, and are among the most advanced in the industry.”