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Boryszew Group, one of the largest industrial groups in Poland, has unveiled its new business strategy for the years 2022-2026. The document envisages continued growth of sales of the Group’s most profitable products through broader expansion into new markets and diversification of the customer portfolio, as well as investment in new products through the Group’s wide network of R&D facilities, including in the power generation sector.

As part of the new strategy, Boryszew has also defined financial projections for the coming years.

Maintaining the strong dynamics of EBITDA growth at around 13% in the years 2022-2026 and generating EBITDA of over PLN 600 million in 2026 are the financial objectives that Boryszew Group sets out to meet within the timeframe of the Group’s new business strategy.

“In 2026, Boryszew Group will be a modern, innovation-driven industrial group with highly-diversified operations. I expect us to be a strong leader both in the Automotive Segment and the Metals Segment, actively engaged in the energy transition. Together with the consultancy firm KPMG, we have developed a detailed business plan that covers all areas of our operations, a small excerpt of which we have decided to release to the public,” said Wojciech Kowalczyk, President of the Board and CEO of Boryszew S.A.

In the Metals Segment, the Group’s new strategy envisages, amongst others, the expansion of production capacity at NPA Skawina in the area of aluminium products. Also in this plant, the focus will be on the processing of semi-finished products, mainly aluminium wire rod, into products with higher added value in the form of aluminium pipes for specialized applications. Production capacities will also be increased in the area of copper products at WM Dziedzice and in the area of hazardous waste processing at the ZUO Konin.

The Group’s Automotive Segment will benefit from the ongoing transformation of the global automotive market towards low- and zero-emission transport. Boryszew plans to expand its offer of components dedicated to electric vehicles, which are projected to be the future of the sector.

“Boryszew Automotive Segment’s companies are preparing for launching the production of components for electric vehicles, especially in the plants in Poland and Mexico. The coming quarters in this Segment will see the automation and digitalization of production processes in Maflow Group’s plants. In the BAP Group, we intend to add to the offer non-automotive products to start production for the white goods industry, electronics, window manufacturers and others,” Boryszew CEO Wojciech Kowalczyk added.

The implementation of all these planned strategic initiatives will be accompanied by a reduction in the Group’s combined environmental impact and with respect for ESG principles.

“By 2026, we aim to reduce our carbon emission intensity by around 10% per ton of production. As part of our efforts to do so, solar installations on the roofs of our plants with a total capacity of 5MW will be put into operation by the end of next year. The modernization of our machinery and the greening of energy purchases will enable us to reduce our indirect CO2 emissions by another 20% by 2026 and to improve our energy efficiency,” Boryszew CEO Wojciech Kowalczyk stated.