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JOYNEXT is expanding its Polish production facility in Oborniki by adding another manufacturing hall.

The new 2250-square-metre hall will boost the Tier 1 automotive supplier’s production space by more than 50 percent. In this way, JOYNEXT is adding room for new production lines, and paving the way for future growth. The plant will start manufacturing battery control units for a leading German automaker’s electric vehicles in October 2021.

The factory in Oborniki, near Wroclaw in Poland, has played a key role in JOYNEXT’s production for the European market for many years. The Tier 1 supplier has always manufactured its navigation, entertainment and control units for leading European automotive manufacturers here. Construction work on the new production hall with a total floor space of 2250 square meters started in May 2020 and was completed successfully in less than nine months.

Commitment to the region and investment in the future
The site is being expanded to boost production capacity in response to increased customer demand. The expansion not only increases the overall production volume of the factory, it also creates enough space for new production lines in future, in particular to produce battery control units for electric cars. Where the plant previously produced 9,000 of these units per week for just one buyer, the existing line’s capacity will now increase to 45,000 control units per week. A second production line will also be commissioned in October. In future, this line will manufacture up to 69,000 battery control units per week for another leading European carmaker.

“This expansion of our production plant is a strategic investment in our future,” says Bogdan Koziar, Operational Director and Managing Director of the JOYNEXT plant in Oborniki. “Electromobility is booming, driving demand for electric car battery control devices. Increasing production capacity is our response to current and future market demands and paves the way for further growth”.

For JOYNEXT, expansion of the plant also represents a commitment to the location in Oborniki, Poland, which has strong ties to the company’s history. Overall, the company is investing EUR 15 million in the last two years and creating 36 new jobs with this project.

JOYNEXT - we connect future
Intelligent solutions for networked vehicles – that is JOYNEXT. We are working on future technologies that play an ever greater role for automotive manufacturers and their customers. As we progress towards fully autonomous driving, data communication between vehicles and mobile devices like smartphones, or other vehicles (V2V) and infrastructure systems (V2X) is becoming increasingly important. JOYNEXT is also working to develop new cloud-based services and enhance existing ones. JOYNEXT always strives to strike a balance between innovation and sustainability. Our product development processes focus consistently on end users, their needs and user behavior.

With over 1,300 employees worldwide, JOYNEXT is taking connected car technologies to the next level. We have seven facilities worldwide, with development and innovation centers in Dresden (Germany) and Ningbo (China).

JOYNEXT is a direct (Tier 1) supplier to the automotive industry, and has been a development partner and system supplier to leading automakers for over 20 years. Our connected infotainment and smart connectivity gateways technologies are currently deployed in well over ten million vehicles worldwide.