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paiiz logo newPolish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ) finished 2014 year with 54 completed investment projects worth €1816.84m in total and with 8,788 new jobs.

The agency is entering a New Year with 154 investments with a total value of €2928.59m. Due to all of them 30,013 new jobs are expected to be created in Poland.

The US with 53 projects is the country with the biggest number of ongoing project supported by PAIiIZ. Together they are worth €1004.61m and they can bring 7,302 new jobs to Poland. German investors are the second. They provide 20 projects (€300.65 m; 3,903 new jobs). France is the third on the list of the countries with the biggest number of investments supported by PAIiIZ. The country has 11 projects in Poland that are worth €210,7m and should generate 2,369 new jobs to Poland. Fourth place is held by Japan (8 projects) while fifth by Italy (7 projects).

There are two most popular sectors foreign investors operating in Poland. Those are BPO and automotive. They provide 33 ongoing projects each. Business process outsourcing investments in Poland are worth €29.85m in total while all ongoing projects from automotive sector have a value of € 648.25m and can deliver 6,610 new jobs to Poland. Among others most popular sectors there are R&D (17 investment projects worth €58,64 m; 1,944 new jobs); aviation (11 projects; €352.8 m; 1,429 new jobs); electronics and wood - 9 projects each.