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paiiz logo newBy the end of November, a total of 45 investors supported by PAIiIZ started new investment projects in Poland. The total value of these investments will reach €790m by the end of this year.

Between them, the projects will create over 17,000 new jobs.

The majority of projects on the Agency´s list come from: the US (38 active projects, value €887,45m; 6329 jobs); Germany (24 projects) and China (11 projects). PAIiIZ is also supporting ten projects from Japan and nine projects each form UK and South Korea.

Business services still predominate among all sectors ranked. These are: BPO (33 projects, value €25.4m; 7,350 jobs), automotive (31 projects, €1,233m; 8,666 jobs), R&D (13 projects, value €21m; 1294 jobs).