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The turn off 2020 and 2021 is very exceptional for the Polish branch of Stellantis in Gliwice. The company is intensively preparing to launch the production of large commercial vehicles in its new factory.

Therefore, today, the production of passenger cars at Opel Manufacturing Poland plant officially ended, with the red Opel Astra for a Polish customer as a last vehicle.
As early as January 2022, Stellantis Gliwice, a modern greenfield industrial facility, will officially launch operation. This is where, at the beginning of April (or safer: at the beginning of the second quarter) next year, the regular production of LCV vehicles will start. Until then, preparatory work will be carried out, including tests of machines and technology as well as production and logistics systems. One of the key activities is the pilot production of the first vehicles, which has already successfully started.

"This is one of the most important periods in the history of our company. The breakthrough change in the production profile to large commercial vehicles makes us co-responsible for this, important for Stellantis, market segment. We are on the home straight to finally bring the new factory into operation to produce LCV vehicles for the Peugeot, Citroen, Opel and Fiat brands." said Andrzej Korpak, CEO of Opel Manufacutring Poland (Stellantis Gliwice as of January 3, 2022).

The launch of the production of LCV commercial vehicles in Gliwice gives this location a whole new business context. Stellantis is the leader of the LCV segment in the European market, with a 32% share what makes the plant an important part of the company's manufacturing organization. In addition, with the fully electric models (BEVs), which will also be produced there, the Polish factory becomes a vital element of Stellantis electrification strategy. This means a stable prospect for the next years and, most importantly, it enables all the current workers to be employed in the new factory.