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Bollhoff Technika Łączenia Sp. z o.o.

Bollhoff Technika Łączenia Sp. z o.o.


Bollhoff Technika Łączenia Sp. z o.o. supplies joining technologies and fasteners that meet the requirements of the modern automotive industry.

Our offer includes, among others:

  • drawing fasteners (screws, nuts, washers, pins, etc.)
  • HELICOIL® metal thread inserts
  • thread inserts for plastics AMTEC® and IMTEC®
  • RIVKLE® blind rivet nuts
  • RIVSET® self-pierce riveting systems
  • clinching systems for metal sheets RIVCLINCH®
  • manual riveting tools for blind rivet nuts RIVKLE® and rivets RIVQUICK®
  • QUICKLOC® quick assembly elements
  • SNAPLOC® joints
  • FLEXITOL® tolerance compensation products
  • SITEC® noise and vibration dampening elements
  • thread-locking elements to prevent threads from unscrewing
  • adhesive technologies

Böllhoff's joining and assembly technologies are used in combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles.

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Certifications IATF 16949, ISO 14001
Street ul. Rogowska 117
City Wrocław
Postcode 54-440
Landline +48 71 387 85 31
Province dolnośląskie
Email biuro@boellhoff.com
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