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ARENA COMET SCS Polska Sp. z o.o.

ARENA COMET SCS Polska Sp. z o.o.


Arena Comet Service Cleaning Shops (SCS) which are located in Belgium (Lokeren), France (Orléans), Poland (Krakow-Wroclaw) and Czech Replublic (Prague) provide solutions for paint stripping of hangers, machine parts, tools and plastic removal or removal of all kinds of organic coatings like plastic, teflon, silicone, rubber, glue, grease, etc. Costly parts such as hot runners, injection mould parts, extrusion die parts, extruder screws, filters, heat exchangers. We also clean reject parts: aluminum, magnesium, brass, zinc or bronze parts with painting defects in order to recycle them.

Specific details

Machinery park

Fluidized san bad

  • Advantages of fluidized sand bed cleaning system
  • Fast, reliable and perfect cleaning,
  • Very short cycle time (40-60 min),
  • Very high volume cleaning,
  • Safe system due to (un)loading with closed lid
  • Perfectly controlled temperature, PLC controlled
  • Low maintenance, long machine life
  • No deformation of parts due to homogeneous temperature
  • Environmental friendly due to ceramic filter, postcombustion
Contact person Katarzyna Bisset
Street Piłsudskiego 23
City Skawina
Postcode 32-050
Landline +48 12 4183174
Mobile phone +48 504 088 613
Province małopolskie