In 2019, Groupe PSA recognised the excellence of its suppliers’ performance in seven categories:

In April 2019, the European passenger car market recorded a relatively stable performance (-0.4%), counting 1,303,787 new registrations.

In March 2019, the European passenger car market contracted by 3.9%, falling from 1,792,880 units the year before to 1,722,442 last month.

In February 2019, the EU passenger car market contracted by 1.0% compared to one year ago, despite some major EU markets showing a slight recovery.

Although the first EUR 313 million plant of SK Battery Hungary in Komárom is still under construction, the South Korean company announced the construction of a EUR 756 million second unit in Komárom.

In January 2019, the European passenger car market saw a slow start to the year, posting a 4.6% decline compared to one year ago.

yanfeng logoYanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI) recognized the outstanding performance of its European suppliers with the European Supplier Award.

Ponad 70 wydanych zezwoleń na prowadzenie działalności, 5,5 mld deklarowanych nakładów inwestycyjnych oraz 3,5 tys. nowych miejsc pracy. To bilans 2017 roku w specjalnych strefach ekonomicznych zarządzanych przez ARP S.A.