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paiiz logo newBy December, 49 investors decided to locate investments in Poland. Together they will invest €824.8 m and will create 18,073 jobs.

The majority of projects on the Agency´s list come from the US. 43 American investment projects are worth €927.25 m. They can help to create 6,959 jobs. Germany is on the second position with 26 investment projects worth €518.1m. China is the third on the list of ongoing projects with 11 projects worth €300 m.

In terms of sectors, for the first time since months, the automotive industry predominates with 33 investment projects worth €1,326m. BPO sector, the recent leader, has the second place (33 investment projects, €25.7 m) and R&D sector is third (15 projects €22.54 million). Currently, PAIiIZ supports 161 investment projects with a value of €4,009.49 m, which may create 30,730 jobs in the future.