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paiiz logo new18,963 - this is the declared number of new jobs that have been created or will be created in the nearest future due to investment projects supported by PAIiIZ in 2013. It is the impressive 89% more than last year.

In 2013, the Agency completed 53 inward investment projects with a total value of €902.5m. Among those projects, the majority came from: the US (17 projects), Germany (7 projects), the UK (5 projects). In 2013 PAIiIZ has also supported three projects each from France, Belgium and Finland. The majority of completed projects in 2013 were provided by BPO & ICT (22 projects) and automotive  sectors (10 projects).

Currently, the Agency supports 164 investment projects with a value of €3,353.69m. Together, they can create up to 30,487 new jobs in the future. United States with 50 currently provided investment projects worth €952.25m and ability to create 7,439 new jobs are the leader of PAIiIZ ranking. Germany with 25 investment projects, worth €543m and plans to create jobs 4,972, has the second place on the Agency list. The third position with 11 projects is held together by China (€308m-worth projects, 2,885 jobs) and Japan (11 projects worth €102.8m, 1980 jobs). On the top of PAIiIZ list there is also South Korea with 10 projects and the UK with 9 projects.

The majority of current projects are provided by: the automotive industry (37 projects, value €1,363 m, 9,484 jobs), BPO (36 investment projects value €27.05m, 7,260 jobs), R&D sector (16 projects €23.54m, 1,544 jobs) as well as aviation with 10 projects and the mechanical, electronic and food - (each with 7 projects).