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paiiz logo newAtos’s ICT business centre in Bydgoszcz is the seventh investment project completed in the first quartet of 2015 by PAIiIZ. Due to that, even 2,600 new jobs can be created.

Companies which decided this year the will to invest in Poland operate in BPO, R&D ICT sectors as well in automotive, aviation and electronic and home appliance industries. The total value of their investments reaches €139 m.

Among 169 projects currently run by PAIiIZ, the automotive sector is number one (34 projects, €698 m, 6,690 new jobs planned) and it is followed by BPO (32 projects, €30 m, 9,560 new jobs planned). The Agency also supports 19 R&D projects, 12 from aviation industry and 11 from the food sector.

The US is still on the top of PAIiIZ portfolio (the total value of 50 American potential investments is €989 m; 6,934 new jobs). Next is Germany (28 projects), France and Italy (10 projects each) as well as Japan (9 projects). The Agency serves also internal investors - currently 9 Polish companies invests with the Agency support.