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ronal_logo10th January 2014 the second plant of Ronal Polska in Wałbrzych has been opened. The new factory at Orkana street, the construction of which commenced in November 2011, operates in the area of the sub-zone of the Wałbrzych Invest-Park Special Economic Zone.

Ronal is a supplier of aluminium rims and its largest clients are: Volkswagen, Fiat, PSA, Ford, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Opel.

The Company Ronal Polska has been registered at the end of 1995. The first Wałbrzych plan has started production in 1997. The first wheel manufactured in the second plant - Jelcz-Laskowice - left the plant in May 2002.

Between 1996 and the end of the previous year the aggregate value of the investments of the Ronal Group in Poland amounted to PLN 1.25 billion, of which PLN 502 million was spent for the construction of the newest plant. 51.7 million rims have been manufactured until now. Production plans for this year provide for the manufacturing of almost 7 million rims, including 1.94 million rims in the plant at Orkana Street. The new plant in Wałbrzych so far employs 480 persons, while the total number of employees in all three locations amounts to 1,750.