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vw poznanOn March 27 of this year, the Management Board of Volkswagen Poznań informed that the factory in Antoninek will hire nearly 900 new employees.

At the present time, the company, which operates three manufacturing facilities (VW Caddy, VW Caddy Maxi and VW Transporter commercial vehicle factory, foundry and special vehicle body plant), employs over 7 thousand people.

Last year, the company manufactured 175 thousand cars and 3.3 million castings (every fifth Volkswagen Group car is equipped with a cylinder head or a steering column gearbox housing).
Volkswagen Poznań has invested over 23 million euro in preparation for the manufacture of the newest Caddy. Its batch production will commence at the end of May. First market outlooks indicate a very good reception of the new VW Caddy and VW Caddy Maxi models. Due to high demand, Volkswagen Poznań decided to create 900 new workplaces. The first employees will be hired in the 2nd quarter of this year. “Hiring nearly 900 new employees within a relatively short period must bring about changes in the organization of working time and joint agreement on efficient solutions concerning this issue is necessary”, said Jolanta Musielak, Member of the Management Board for Human Resources, Volkswagen Poznań. The Management Board of the factory came to an agreement with trade unions concerning the new organization of working time. This agreement concerns introducing a 17-shift working week in place of the existing 15-shift week.

Current outlook for 2015 estimates the number of cars at 172 thousand, which will leave the assembly lines in Antoninek. This number includes nearly 154.4 thousand Caddies.

After commencing manufacture in Września, Volkswagen Poznań will employ over 10 thousand people.